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"Most great leaders began in the capacity of followers. They became great leaders because they were intelligent followers."

Eliteadvices helps you lead the hotel industry. Become an expert through our trainings, courses & educational materials. Use our coaching & consulting help to merge know-how with best practice. Fit technology to your needs. .

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How about taking a class at one of the most prestigious Hotel Schools in the world? That would be great wouldn't it? But what if do not have the time nor financing to go this route? How can you get the best education, while at home, while at work and at reasonable cost? is the solution. We cooperate with and deliver you the best online courses ever made for hoteliers. It's very simple. Pick up a course. Enjoy the best designed online courses for hoteliers. Any aspect of hotel business. Lots of study cases, additional download materials, role playsand finally ..... the exam. Pass the test online and get certified! Study at your own time & convinience. Get certified. Get recognized for your proffesionalism.

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Reveue Management is the number 1 wanted subject in hotel business today. Everyone has already heard of what it is & what id can do to hotel business. Over 50% of hotels questioned, plan to invest in Revenue Management 2014. eliteadvices & American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute is here to help. The best way to invest smart, is to become smart first. offers 2 day, complete Revenue Management training. You will learn all teh aspects of RM. You will understand what it actually does. Why. You will learn the techniques and measurements that RM uses. But most of all, you will learn about strategic RM. The part of RM that is often forgotten. And if there is a problem in revenue - 90% chances, the problem is on in the algorithms nor forecasts. It's in the strategic part. Training is perfect for Hotel owners, general managers, managers, sales, marketing, reservation, reception and of course revenue managers. After 2 days, you will talk RM like a proffessional. Plus if you pass a test, you will get certified! Go for certificstion in completion of RM training.

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How about becoming a real expert in your field?. Get proffessional certification. Use the designation with your name. Have you seen people with hotel proffessional titles? John Smith CHA? Amy White CHRM? Certified Hospitality proffesional in General Management, Sales, Revenue Management, Customer Service, Front Office, Houskeeping... you name it. Internationally recognized designation, title & proffession.

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Five star customer service starts with people. The service is one of the most frequently occurring unique advantages of the hotel. It plays an increasingly important role in the current highly competitive markets. Best customer service is not a cost, but an investment. Statistics confirm that the customer well served tends to return and tends to buy even more. Guest Service Gold is more than just a training. It is also best practice developed by highly experienced hoteliers. Guest Service Gold is a comprehensive program that aims to train a team of all front line employees through interaction with the customer. The basic components of training can be implemented not only in hotels, but also in other customer service oriented fields. The one day training describes seven different scenarios, designed to inspire and motivate employees to "achieve gold" in customer service and exceeding their expectations.

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What is the difference between a Manager and a Leader? Simply put: you manage tasks and you lead people. This 2 day training takes you from follower to the leader. in cooperation with American Hotel Lodging Educational Institute will teach you how to improve your leadership abilities and develop an understanding of high-performance teams and employee empowerment. New information will provide an understanding of diversity and cultural change. Practical information prepares leaders to put management tools into action to enhance service and boost business. The training walks you through matters like Continuous Improvement-Process and Tools, Power and Empowerment skills. Increase your Communication Skills, Goal-Setting, Coaching and Conflict Management. It is a must training for all hotel owners, general managers and managers.

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Get the foundation you need to make smart decisions in food and beverage operations. together with American Hotel & Lodging Association address ways in which food and beverage operations have adapted management and operating tactics from other industries, what operations are doing to maintain or improve quality standards while reducing expenses, and how high-tech strategies are being used to give customers greater value for their dining dollars. This training describes the Organization of Food and Beverage Operations. Then we focus on Sales & Marketing , before moving to the cost, production, service, sanitation & safety matters. It is a standard training for anyone managing F&B outlet today, or anyone dreaming to manage one in future.

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eliteadvices organizes trainings for Hoteliers. We have created several training modules on Revenue Management, Distribution, Sales & Marketing, Technology, Business Management and Customer Service. All trainings are created in cooperation with American Hotels & Lodging Association Educational Institute. eliteadvices offers two types of training. Online trainings - fast & easy way to get certified at best price. Personal Trainings - taylor made trainings dedicated to specific Hotel, at the Hotel premises, or organized training sessions for larger audience from various Hotels. Trainings are a great way to expand yours & your team knowledge in key areas of your business. Trainings are a great way to develop yourself andincrease your own profile with AHLAEI certification. However sometimes there is a gap between education and implementation of it in reality of your business. That is why eliteadvices offers also on top of the trainings - CONSULTANCY.

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eliteadvices transformed to add to trainings consultancy. During the training at the property, we analyze & audit Hotel in terms of Sales, Marketing, Distribution & Revenue Management. Then we add reccomendations & ideas that help Hotel increase their RevPAR, structure pricing policy, enhance communications between departaments and most of all reposition its strategy. eliteadvices consultancy is a great help for Hotel owners and General Managers to fix their problems fast and help work for better future. However sometimes it is not easy to implement reccomendations into reality of your business. In order to make the change happen there needs to be an idea followed by the team commitment to action.That is why eliteadvices offers on top of the trainings and consultancy - COACHING.

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eliteadvices adds coaching to training & consulting. Along training and consulting we organize specific sessions to coach the team on how to implement the tought knowledge in their business by building ideas, revamping strategies, challenging the status quo, enhancing the product message, planning for actions and reviewing in due time. Coaching maximizes the effects of the trainings and implements consultancy into daily business.

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Technology is the fastest changing environment in Hotel Business. It forms the ground for all the departments to function. Today Sales, Marketing, Revenue Management, Distribution, F&B or any other part of Hotel, is driven by technology. Information & big data, connectivity & variety of systems & technologies available are very hard to follow. Every hotel object is specific, with own needs. provide training, consultancy & coaching. But none of these are worthwhile if they are not set on technology to support them. That is why we also advise on the best technology that is around. Revenue Management Systems, Property Management Systems, CRM, Website, CMS, Booking Engine, Accounting, Distribution & more.

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Napoleon Hill:

"Most great leaders began in the capacity of followers. They became great leaders because they were intelligent followers."
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The new-generation Hotel Revenue Management System that is extremely intelligent but simple to use. It sells your rooms at optimal price every day of the year, automates your daily routine tasks, including channel distribution, provides all necessary information for your strategic analysis and increases your bottom line. It is adaptable and fully flexible …

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With our awesome technology, we have sorted the problems of many small & budget properties. User-friendly PMS + Channel Manager via which all segments can have a complete control on their room rates, room inventory and can even select OTA on which they want to sell their room. Cloud based, responsive technology, all hotel solutions under one login. …

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Over 75% hotel customers make decisions based on others opinions & suggestions. Managing opinions about your hotel is the key to customer. This technology enables you to monitor all comments your property has earned. No matter on which site, you get all the information on one scree. Manage your business by managing your comments. Involve the team and respond professionaly. …

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A team of enthusiastic people | a little about us

eliteadvices are experts within the fields of Revenue Management, Distribution, Sales, Marketing. Some of that expertize is within such aspects of the business, that is hard to be tought at school. Therefore our know-how comes from education and from over 20 years of experience within Hotel and Airline industry.

Our main goal is to educate hoteliers within all necessary and modern areas of Hotel Business.Therefore, eliteadvices combines the experience with education. With close cooperation with American Hotels & Lodging Association we constantly train & educate hundreds of hoteliers. We create leaders of the business.

We are interested in working with every hotel or hotel property. With every school or university . We have programs specifically designed for young students of hospitality. We are also looking to cooperate with consulting companies, training organizations, trainers and agencies. We are looking for experts who would like to join the eliteadvices project and drive education to another level.

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