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"Most great leaders began in the capacity of followers. They became great leaders because they were intelligent followers."
Napoleon Hill

Welcome to helps you lead the industry. Become an expert through our training, courses & educational materials. Use our coaching & consulting help to merge know-how with best practice. Fit technology to your needs. Join the elite...

Education has been providing training & education services throughout all types of hotels. From chain hotels to individual apartments.We look at education very seriously, because we aim to not only provide a nice training but to make sure hotel can see the benefit from trained staff. From Revenue Management, through Sales, Marketing, eCommerce, Customer Serice and Leadership skills. Our trainers are one of the most charismatic ones, bringing additional benefits to education. Over 20 years of experience in global & private companies, full of stories and best practices.30% of your success depends on education.

Coaching coaching takes the theory into practice and habit. Use the help of our coaches to implement the learned theories into practice. Rent a specialist in the field who will keep your discipline in best & strict shape, for as long and the discipline will become a habit. Your habit. Once you are coached & ready to be independent - you are ready to continue to manage on your own.50% of success is in the habit. Put it together with education, you will reach 80% of success.


Know-how goes in pair with technology. Technology makes sense when it delivers these three key benefits:1. Creates unique advantage to your business.2. Generates incremental revenue to your business.3. Saves cost.If you are thinking about some application or a soft that does not bring any of the three above - forget it. We help hotels search, test and apply technology that makes the most sense for them. 20% success is technology support. Use it with education and the right habit and you are ...


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eliteadvices is people. We are experts within hotel & airline Revenue Management, Distribution, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, eCommerce. We make money by fixing your problems so that you can make more money. And if by any chance there is a field outside of our expertise, we will find within our network people who will be experts. Our advices are unique. They lead you to become elite in anything you do."To become a great leader, you need to be a great follower".
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